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Analyse ATM

Posted on: November 29, 2009

yiihuuuu ….  how are you today guys ^^

nice day,

very difficult duty to analyse ATM .. thank for my brother is which have helped to ATM to take picture of simulation of intake ATM to in analysis…

money taken an amount of 50.000 rupiah of during twice withdrawal of cash.. so that draw seen nicely I borrow camera my brother is nokia type 5800 express music..

there is 13 taken picture :

finally finish intake picture of simulation ATM,, and now its time to analysis ^^ :

  • Viewed in terms of appearance (interface)

At INI ATM machines are very simple look. In the beginning there were two language options are English and Indonesian. After that to the next screen is the command to the client to enter a PIN consisting of 4-digit PIN. Then more alert to security, there is a menu to change the PIN, if the customer does not want to change the PIN to proceed to the next stage. Basic color on the display used in ATM machines are blue with yellow writing.

  • Viewed in terms of language (language)

There are two choices of language that can be used by customers of both English and Indonesian. With two choices of language may facilitate the customer in a transaction.

  • Viewed in terms of other transactions

Other transactions provided by ATM machines of Bank INI is:

  1. Change PIN
  2. Transfer
  3. Cash Withdrawal
  4. Balance Information
  5. Payment
  6. Registration E-channel
  • Viewed in terms of availability of ATM machines

Availability of INI ATM machines are widely spread to various places, both in the office, mall to big cities. But in remote areas or rural areas can still be found although not as much in the big cities that have so customers can still easily make the transaction process.

  • Viewed in terms of money savings and discounts available

Bank INI provides ATM cash withdrawal with a minimum amount of Rp. 50.000, – and the maximum amount of Rp. 1.200.000, -. In this ATM money can be provided Rp. 50.000, – and broken Rp. 100.000, – for each of the minimum amount. Pieces per month is levied approximately Rp. 7000, -.

  • Viewed in terms of how fast

The average customer transactions at ATM machines of Bank INI in 1 minute to 4 minutes.

  • Viewed in terms of how often errors

At INI Bank ATM at a menu when a customer does not make the selection of activities during the period 30 seconds then automatically deemed to have completed the transaction, the ATM card will come out.

  • Viewed in terms Customers can remember

Customers can mengopersaikan bank ATM transactions at INI is easy because the division of the menu is very simple transaction.

  • Viewed in terms of other services provided

Other services provided at INI ATM is an ATM that can be used by all Banks, which can ease the customer in the transaction processingINI ATM machine when there is damage or anything else that may interfere with the transaction process. There is also another service that is generally the same as on other bank ATMs.

and next… me

have a nice day ..


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